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Abhijit Mondal
11 min readAug 1, 2020

I loved science ever since i was a kid Because. I found all the answers in science for the questions that i was curious about as a kid There are theories, laws, equations to explain everything it was enough for me to think there is something more to be discovered. Just getting to know the astronomical wonders of our universe was already overwhelming for me. It made me think that is all there was. But as you grow up, you will start to ask questions that cannot be answered.

why do we exist? What’s the purpose of all of this?

The reality is we don’t even know the most fundamental things about the universe. The biggest why questions actually transcends our modern scientific perception of nature . Humans have been on earth for the past two hundred thousand years. Which is just a tiny fraction of the age of our entire universe. Yet the universe only just barely started. It’s gonna last for trillions of trillions of years. If human civilization could make out of our galaxy within the next 4.5 billion years. Everything we know in our galaxy will be completely wiped out by the collision with Andromeda galaxy. And we are done All right, but right now we know that our universe is expanding in an accelerating pace Which is caused by the dark energy that makes up roughly 68 percent of the universe. And there’s this freaking dark matter, It makes up 27 percent.

We don’t know what are those but we do know that it is there we can measure it every physical matters the stars and the galaxies including our cells uses the remaining five percent of the universe. If the string theory is the theory of everything and there are multiverse just like bubbles. And we are one of the countless others. The more we understand our place in the multi or universe the less significantly become.

But why? Why do we exist on a mere planet in a tiny fraction of time frame of the entire span of our universal time? Why is there something in the first place rather than nothing?

This is the most important question of all the most popular deliberative and unknown of all Everyone must have thought about that at least once if not ever Is there a meaning for everything? There is no answer in science for our existential reasoning Mathematics is a language of nature for some reasons,

We found ourselves as able to perceive that. But it isn’t made to answer the why questions Being passionate about science i’ve looked up to a lot of scientists to know what they think about something that cannot be related to science professor michio Kaku once said quote -

We live a pointless life unless we work towards some productive goals and we love Any theory of meaning has to embrace the very foundation of who we are that we have to work and we have to love

Now what does theoretical physics say about this? Well, it may talk about the creation the harmony of universe the glories of equations so on so forth. But it’s not gonna tell you how to be a better person. It’s not gonna fulfill the winning gap inside your soul that says

Why am I here to begin with?

And that’s why I say the process of self-discovery is to do it. There is no email is going to come from having to copy out. Everything in the universe is governed by the universal laws from the largest astronomical structures to the small subatomic particles as its entropy increases It is impossible for the universe to exist without some present laws. It demands a lot to exist in the first place Physics or natural science is based on these laws so that it can be questioned by itself Nature is not conscious, but we the observing intelligence are You cannot understand.

Why is there these laws and forces when being ruled by itself. In order to understand the universe you have to break through the scientific bubble of fundamentals and look from a bigger perspective in itself.

I started asking why questions when I started look up to the sky’s and wondering about our place in the universe.

But the answer itself does not hidden inside a black hole or before the big bang or as dark matter either. It’s not out there You see things are not random. Every single thing in the cosmos is pre-determined. We have the free will to think that it’s not I mean, there is no answer for why everything is the way it is? We cannot ever answer that We could never know or intervene that part of our ultimate reality. We live in a world where atoms and molecules makes up matters Which is governed by natural laws. We have certain kind of brain to process the world around us. So that we only think some piece of sound in certain frequency as beautiful some visual patterns as beautiful and other patterns are not If you see a flower it looks like flower to you not just because it is a flower. But your brain made that visual sense as a flower.

We have this built-in curiousity just like pre-determined universal laws. That is capable to ask the reason of its own existence. We are living things we have this mysterious unknown thing called life that made chemistry into biology. We are conscious beings. We are more like the conscious part of the universe. We don’t really know what that is, but we know the difference that makes between living things And there’s the time the stubborn illusion of our reality. Even if it’s relative, it will only move forward for the person who experience it The only non-determined thing is our free will Yet it only works in the now. We are literally trapped in the present moment and also We only know the free will that is given to us as the free will or independence. We cannot know what is independence more than that. Scientifically in the early state of our earth somehow some chemical reactions started possessing life And for some reasons humans evolved to become conscious. That’s why we are not some special beings we are just a primate species just like other animals but of course with consciousness And the universe that includes all of this is came out of nothingness for no reason whatsoever. like nothing.

I just don’t want to believe that i was basically looking for the reason of the creation or existence of everything. I think reasons only exist because of the free will of intelligence And also there has to be an intention for the reasons, right? So for me, apparently there has to be a creator the next question that popped up when I concluded the creator for me was

Who created the creator? Why the creator is created in the first place?

Once I understood myself I couldn’t ask that question again. We know absolutely nothing about creation In fact, we can’t even create a bit of information. Because every fact need at least a matter since we can create a matter we can’t create an information we ask these questions because we don’t know the process of creation. think about it We know that the creation demands a creator. but how do we know the creator needs a creator? So why do we ask? There are things beyond human perception The most important of all this is understanding self where every thought process is taking place I mean the end point of information is in our brain Let’s take this scenario for example

Capturing the image of black hole for the first time was an unprecedented achievement for humankind

There has been a huge work is done to make that workout The information in the form of electromagnetic waves has captured through eight huge telescopes around the earth together Which is then processed by supercomputers to bring out the final image. Our eyes will pick the final image and turn into neural stimulation Which is then processed by our brain and we see black hole. That means your brain is processing and understanding itself by using something A processor in a computer can process information but it doesn’t understand or aware of the final information or the process itself. We are not conscious of our brain’s information processing we can observe someone’s in chemical and biological terms. We are only aware of the final sense like an image or sound or any kind of sense or knowledge. So how can you certainly know that if your brain is processing an information, right and to whom your brain is making sense and information? A computer processor doesn’t know that it is only made to process information in zeros and ones. Only we the creators of these machines knew that informations are more than ones and zeros. So how do we know what is a certain way that our brain and mind is built off? We are only able to understand our brain as the chemical reaction center and a biological molecular structure. Since we will never sense our information processing how do we know any information or a knowledge? So what is learning? Frankly there isn’t something called real knowledge or learning. There is only accepting and believing just as we can understand because that is only our mind is capable of Our mind is made in a way that it can only process the three-dimensional world or at least we need dimensions to comprehend the world. We need time to make sense of everything.

We need universal laws forces and constants to understand the cosmos itself Our mind have limitation to process an information Of course human mind is the smartest on earth We have this incredibly miraculous ability to think and imagine and all the cognitive abilities but the problem is We think we can understand everything. We don’t want to admit We have limitations because, Every human mind is may be built in the same way so that we all process the external environment as the same Thus we wouldn’t be able to know what is right or wrong Or is there anything called right or wrong? I still don’t know that if I can or not understand what is actually mean by I understood or I realized You may have to take some time to think about it I’m not talking about to thing like a solipsist But from the stand point view of your mental self, this all makes sense. What if someone’s brain can view the words in an extra dimension, would you be able to understand what is he saying? Your mind can’t process that information Maybe the mathematics could be stretched out to some extents But basically you can only believe as the way he said In this real world, You only had your conscious existence which is actually bit frightening and enlightening realization at the same time. Accepting the limitation of our mind can actually enlighten us and lead us to the ultimate direction of our journey of seeking. Why When you understand the potential and limitation of your mind, you will be able to see things as the way it is not as your ego made that into. You could stop comparing things as you wish how it want to be and just accept as the way it is. We have this mentality to not accept and believe Counter-intuitive things that’s because we think we could understand everything And also we often deform the infinite aspects of knowledge to fit inside our little mind Just this thought process shows the lack of awareness of our mental limitation in motor sports or racing The point of race is to finish the laps as fast as you can not just go faster in the straight lines Or just corner faster than everyone But doing both consistently while keeping the limitation and potential of your machine in mind Your mind is more like your machine to use it properly.

You have to be aware of its capabilities as well as limitations It is actually easy to believe that nothing in life really matters When we don’t know, why do we exist on a mere planet that we didn’t get to ask for. Instead of just claiming nothing matters. I think at least looking for these answers is the best thing you can do to yourself I chose to believe that there is a higher intelligence, the creator and everything is created intentionally and everything does matter. We have all kind of limitations in our reality and for our minds Yet we as a species, came this far with what we can do and imagine in the present moment To the point where we are totally unaware of ourselves I think these are the biggest difference between creator and the creations Thinking in this perspective also led me to a vivid realization that You are not your biological body or brain or not even your mind You are way more than that something that didn’t born or wouldn’t die And it’s not grown or evolved like your mind and body did It’s the energy that created when everything else were created Taping into that infinity of yourself is maybe the enlightening Looking after the intention behind your soul’s creation could be the most Important thing Cause everything else wouldn’t mean a lot at the end of the day Understanding why your soul is created is a state of enlightening by comprehending it’s creator. Once you embrace that state of life Everything else will make sense in your personal reality Everything’s reasons will be naked for your inner eyes And everyone’s journey to that point will be different make sure you don’t judge others This video has been about what i’ve learned in my journey of seeking why, I can’t answer why you should believe in something that you can rationally comprehend I don’t know. What I do know is the answer of why do I need to believe in god. The creator. Because there’s a stubborn in curiosity inside of me forcing me to look after these questions that is constantly popping inside of myself And this is what I found so far.

I don’t even know why is there this curiosity inside of me It was driven by some sort of feelings and it is better than knowing things by proof And I believe the feelings are actually some kind of knowledge and maybe everyone have their own reasons to seek the answers Nothing in the world can reasonably confirm the existence of creator. it’s all up to your conscious self But if you do believe then everything will confirm for you I believe you don’t always have to go to the mountain top to be the enlightened one The wisdom you are looking for is inside of you The very place where these questions come from Every matter is reflecting its creator, and it will only enter you when you remove the lid of ego that you placed on your mind There will always be unknown, so does the curiosity. just like dark implies light Curiosity is what implies uncertainty So whatever you do try to be present try to capture the piece of wisdom of the creator. That thing is reflecting Always keep looking for it You.

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